About The Author of Manage That Project

Hi, my name is Diane Ellis (also known as Di), and I wrote Manage That Project.

Background & Qualifications

I graduated from the University of Technology Sydney in 1980 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science.

I was a Member of the Australian Institute of Management from 1990, and a Member of the Australian Computer Society from 1983.

Management Experience

I have been a Project and Program Manager for over 20 years.

I started off my project management career in IT projects, and have worked in banking, finance, consulting (very briefly!) and transportation.

Over the years I have project managed many different sized projects, from very simple, 3 month and no budget projects, to multi year, multi million dollar projects.

I have worked on projects that failed, and on projects that succeeded. And I have learnt something from all of them!

For the last 10 years I have been working as a freelance Project Manager, predominantly in banking and financial services (and yes, I worked on Y2K for a leading Australian bank).

One project I managed was a finalist in the Australian Institute of Project Management’s Project Management Achievement Awards.

Why I Wrote This Book

I love being a Project Manager! I get great joy and satisfaction from doing a job well and meeting my commitments. I also love a challenge, which is why I became a freelance Project Manager (we always get the jobs no-one else wants or can do)!

I have found that, as a freelance project manager, I get an opportunity to work with many different people, with different backgrounds and experience. Many of the people I have worked with over the years have also developed a love of working on projects, and lots of them have asked for my advice on how they can get more experience or qualifications so that they can one day too become a Project Manager.

Unfortunately, I generally don't have good news for them. There are some good courses available, but unless their employer is willing to foot the bill, the cost is usually too prohibitive. Project Management training is expensive!

That's why I wrote this book - for these people. No - it's not a formal qualification, but I don't believe you need that. This book can help people understand what skills are needed to be a good project manager, and tell them about what's involved. I walk you step by step through all the phases of a project, and what you, as the Project Manager, need to do. I even provide free templates you can use.

So if the least it does is confirm that you still want to do this, and help you along the way to getting the skills and experience you need - it'll have been worth it!

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